Jeffrey Shrader


All of my public code can be found on my Github page. Below are links to some more polished, stand-alone packages. Details about how to use and install these packages can (usually) be found on their respective Github pages.

Astronomical Algorithms

Sunset, sunrise, and sunlight duration calculator for Stata and Matlab, as well as code to produce maps of the solar terminator. If you make use of this code, I would ask that you cite Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus (.bib). The code was created for and used in the paper Gibson and Shrader (2018).


An R package to run data envelopement analysis and industry-wide efficiency calculations (Johansen industry model). The main benefit of this package over other existing packages is the ability to specify non-convex solutions (although the models then take a long time to solve). If you make use of this code, I kindly ask that you cite Shrader and Squires (2012).


A little helper function to load Stata two-sample t-tests into e() so that they can be exported by common LaTeX table creation packages. This code was created for and used in the paper Gibson and Shrader (2018). The code was inspired by one of Ben Jann's estout examples.


Stata code to estimate two-sample, two-stage least squares models with GMM standard errors. WARNING: This code is pre-alpha and is missing some important components like the ability to (correctly) include more than one instrument and formatted output. It seems like a few people are interested in using this code. If you want to work with me to get it into better shape, send me an email!