Working papers

Why Do We Procrastinate? Present Bias and Optimism
with Zachary Breig and Matthew Gibson

Expectations and Adaptation to Environmental Risks
Press coverage: Washington Post

Work in progress

Labor Market Adjustment to News
with Mitch Downey and Nelson Lind

Funding Risky Science
with Richard Carson, Jordan Louviere, Sally Sadoff, and Joshua Graff Zivin

Revealing Abatement Costs from Permit Banking Behavior
with Sylwia Bialek


Time Use and Labor Productivity: The Returns to Sleep
with Matthew Gibson (Review of Economics and Statistics, 2018)

Forecasting in the Presence of Expectations
with Roy Allen and Joshua Graff Zivin (The European Physical Journal: Special Topics, 2016)

Discount Window Stigma During the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis
with Olivier Armantier, Eric Ghysels, and Asani Sarkar (Journal of Financial Economics, 2015)

Lit Reviews, Policy Papers, and Other Writing

Translating the Terrestrial Mitigation Hierarchy to Marine Megafauna Bycatch
with EJ Milner-Gulland, Serge Garcia, William Arlidge, Joseph Bull, Anthony Charles, Laurent Dagorn, Sonya Fordham, Joshua Graff Zivin, Martin Hall, Niels Vestergaard, Chris Wilcox, and Dale Squires (Fish and Fisheries, 2018)

Temperature Extremes, Health, and Human Capital
with Joshua Graff Zivin (The Future of Children, 2016)

Financial Amplification Mechanisms and the Federal Reserve’s Supply of Liquidity During the Financial Crisis
with Asani Sarkar (Economic Policy Review, 2010)